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Vehicle Identification Number is a unique 17-digit number assigned to individual vehicles, which is used for identifying motor vehicles. A VIN is inevitable while filing Form 2290. When there is a mismatch in the provided VIN with the IRS database, the 2290 form is rejected. Therefore, the IRS provides an option to correct the mistakes in the VIN in previous Form 2290 filing. This 2290 amendment is referred as VIN correction.

Tax2efile offers free VIN correction for all the tax filers who filed their Form 2290 with Tax2efile previously.

VIN correction enables to change the incorrect VIN. In order to change, the user needs to know the previous entered VIN and the correct VIN. You can E-file your VIN correction online through Tax2efile. This enables the IRS for fast processing and issues new corrected Schedule 1 copy along with the right VIN.

Filing a VIN Correction through Tax2efile is simple and convenient.
  • Login to your account, once you reached your dashboard, you can find the option “Start a VIN Correction”.
  • Enter your personal information (Name, Address, SSN, DOB)
  • Provide the reference number and select the VIN to correct from the drop down.
  • Follow the 2290 instructions to complete the VIN Correction.

Note: VIN Corrections can be done only for suspended or taxable vehicles, not for prior suspended vehicles or credit vehicles. You can’t mix it with claimed credits on the same form while you are filing VIN correction Form 2290. The incorrect VIN must pay for your original Form 2290 else the IRS will calculate penalties on your actual taxes.

Purpose of VIN

Under the regulations of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a VIN consists of a series of Arabic Numbers and Roman Letters. The VIN is used for identification purpose of a vehicle. A VIN system is also vital to law enforcement officials for anti-theft activities, for insurance companies to identify and classify vehicles, to researchers to identify vehicles during crash investigation programs and vehicle registration for state governments.

VIN is assigned at the time of vehicle manufacturing and it is unique, where no two vehicle’s VIN are same. It is used to track the vehicle’s insurance policies and accident reports.

VIN can be divided into three groups : World Manufacturer Identifier, Vehicle Descriptor Section and Vehicle Identifier Section. In the United States, every new vehicle comes with a window sticker, which consists of information about the vehicle like what kind of vehicle, color, built year, MSRP, specifications, installed standard and optional equipment details and fuel economy rating.

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