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Confidently E-File IRS Form 1099-MISC online with Tax2efile, an IRS-authorized E‑Filing solution provider. With our comprehensive information and instructions on the 1099-MISC Form, you can successfully E-File without any confusion. We crafted our online tax filing application with a focus on a user-centric experience, enabling easy navigation to assist you in your IRS submission.

What is a 1099-MISC Form?

An IRS 1099-MISC form is used to report the miscellaneous income made by self-employed people during the tax year.

Form 1099 MISC is to operate and businesses payments for services such as:

  • Rent
  • Medical and health care
  • Fish purchased from persons engaged in the trade of fishing
  • Notional principal contract to an individual, partnership, or estate.
  • Payments made to an attorney
  • Fishing boat proceeds
  • Etc

Quick Steps To E-File Form 1099-MISC

  • Create your free account
  • Enter Tax Information
  • Submit to IRS

The 1099-MISC tax form may also be used for reporting direct sales of at least $5,000 of consumer products to a buyer for resale anywhere other than a retail establishment. If you are required to file 250 MISC forms or more during the year, you must file electronically. This rule is applied separately to each 1099 Form type.

Recipients on Form 1099-MISC report the amounts listed as income on their annual income tax return. Penalties for a failure to file in a timely manner, failure to include all information required, etc. may result in a penalty from $50-$290 per form depending on the date of submission.

How to File 1099-MISC Form Online and Instructions

IRS 1099-MISC Tax Form to report miscellaneous income

Information required to E-file Form 1099-MISC

  • Payers Information (Name, TIN or EIN or SSN, and Address)
  • Recipient Details (Name, TIN or EIN or SSN, and Address)
  • Non-employee compensation
  • Federal income tax withheld
  • State Filing Details: State Income, Payer State Number, and State Tax Withheld

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Who Needs to File 1099-MISC?

If you have made payments of $600 or more to an induvial or other business for jobs or services that fall into any of the following, you need to file Form 1099 MISC.

  • Rents
  • Prizes and awards
  • Generally, the cash paid from a notional principal contract to an individual, partnership, or estate
  • Any fishing boat proceeds
  • Medical and health care payments
  • Crop insurance proceeds
  • Payments to an attorney
  • Section 409A deferrals
  • Nonqualified deferred compensation

Before 2022, if you hire a contractor to do work for you and pay them $600 or more you will be required to file Form 1099-MISC. Following 2021 such payments are no longer a part of for 1099 MISC. There are many types of 1099 Forms for specific purposes such as recording interest received, dividends earned, or compensation from contracted work done.

Not sure what return to file?

Contact the Tax2efile team, we can help you to determine what you need to e-file 1099 Miscellaneous and when.

The easiest way to file any of your 1099 Forms online is to E-file them. E-filing ensures that the process is convenient and easy for you, as it can be saved and worked on at your convenience. You will receive copies of your 1099s Forms in printable documents to print out and save for your records. If you must file more than 250 IRS 1099-MISC Forms, the IRS requires you E-file them. When you are ready to file, Tax2efile will be happy to assist you through the process.

When is the 1099-MISC due date?

The due date to file Form 1099-MISC with the IRS electronically is March 31st of the following year. If you are reporting 1099 MISC under box 8 or box 10 the due date to submit the form is February 15th of the following year. If the statement is properly addressed and mailed (or with respect to e-filing, posted to a website) on or before the deadline it will be deemed timely furnished.

Filing Type Deadline
E-filing with IRS March 31st
Paper Filing with IRS February 28th
E-filing under box 8 or box 10 February 15th
Recipient Copy January 31st

Note: If the due date/deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday, the filer will need to E-file on the next business day.

Why File 1099-MISC Online?

Form 1099-MISC (aka Miscellaneous Income) is furnished to IRS for the purpose of reporting all earnings of self-employed individuals. This miscellaneous form is filed so the IRS knows when someone has received Miscellaneous Income and that taxes shall be paid on it (assuming any are owed).

The 1099 tax software is one of the best tools that the IRS has in making sure that self-employed contractors don't underreport their earnings and are taxed appropriately. Taxes owed by self-employed are calculated based on what they have been paid during the tax year. Penalties are imposed and enforced if a hiring firm intentionally fails to file 1099-MISC for independent contractors. Late penalties are also imposed if a self-employed person fails to report income over $600 as listed on the 1099-MISC Tax Form. Due to the IRS receiving 1099-MISC copy A when a business files, they are aware of the amount of income paid so it’s always the best policy, to be honest.

Still have questions?

Form 1099-MISC is used for miscellaneous payments made for business or trade in the tax year

Details required to file Form 1099-MISC is: Payer Information & Tin of Payer, Recipient Information, Tin of, Recipient Tin as well as any amounts

Yes, Tax2efile offers a bulk upload feature that allows the user to upload all the payers to an excel sheet for a faster process.

Tax2efile allows you to correct a mistake to the payer’s information for TINs, Names & amounts.

Yes, Tax2efile offers printing and mailing service! Our dedicated team will print and mail out each form you filed.

Yes, Form 1099-MISC is typically used to report various types of payments, including those made to corporations, individuals, partnerships, and other entities. Tax2efile supports reporting payments made to both individuals and entities, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations.

Using our fast electronic service, you can complete your filing within 5 minutes.

To file Form 1099-MISC for a single return the filing fee is $3.25.

The IRS requires Form 1099-MISC to be submitted by February 28 through the mail and by March 31 if you file the form electronically however, recipients’ copy should be mailed by January 31.

Failure to file the 1099 form by the deadline may result in IRS penalties. The penalty can be from $60 per 1099 Form, the maximum penalty can be up to $630,500. If you submit Form more than 31 days to before August 1, the penalty increases to $120 per 1099 Form and maximum penalty up to $1,891,500. If you file after August 1, the penalty can be from $310 per 1099 Form and maximum penalty up to $3,783,000. Additionally, there are penalties for failure to furnish the payee statement.

Yes, Form 1099-MISC includes various boxes for reporting different types of income, such as rents, royalties, nonemployee compensation, and more. Tax2efile helps you correctly identify and report income in the appropriate boxes to accurately reflect the nature of the payments.

Yes, Tax2efile typically offers support for state filing requirements, including guidance on state-specific reporting rules and assistance with filing Form 1099-MISC with applicable state tax authorities. Check here!

If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

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