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What is a 1099-B Form?

Form 1099-B is used to report broker or barter exchanges to record customers’ profits and losses during a particular tax year. The filers will get hold of the form from their brokers (agents) or barter exchange already filled out. If the filer sold stocks, bonds, or other securities through a broker or had a barter exchange transaction, they must receive a Form 1099-B. When the filer redeems any shares, it may result in a taxable gain or deductible loss, which must be reported to the IRS.

Regardless of whether the filler had a gain, loss, or brokerage, they must report these transactions on their tax return. Late filing of the form leads to penalties ranging from $50 to $280 per 1099 returns. Taxpayers transfer the information from the tax return of 1099-B ta Form 8849 to calculate their preliminary gains and losses. 1099-B tax returns must be mailed to recipients by February 15th and e-filed with the IRS by March 31st each year.

How to File IRS Form 1099-B?

1099-B Tax Form used to report the broker or barter exchange transactions

Required Information to File Form 1099-B:

  • Taxpayer's information
  • A description of every investment
  • The purchase date and price
  • The sale date and price
  • The resulting gain or loss

Simple steps to E-file your 1099-B Form

  • Create your free account
  • Enter Tax Information
  • Submit to IRS

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In preparing the tax return 1099-B or a transfer statement, the filer must consider all the information reported by the issuer of the security on a statement that the issuer furnishes to them or is deemed to furnish to them unless the issuer statement is incomplete or incorrect. A transaction can include both covered and non-covered shares because the redemption can be comprised of multiple purchases.

Who Must File IRS Form 1099-B Form?

Form 1099-B must be filed for every single transaction involving the sale of all stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, regulated contracts, debt instruments, and forward contracts. Other information includes any federal tax withheld, gains or losses incurred, and state tax withholdings. This form can also be filed by companies that participate in certain bartering activities with others. This form is used to report changes in capital structure or control of a corporation in which they hold stocks.

When is the Form 1099-B Deadline?

Filing Type Deadline
Recipient copy January 31st
IRS Paper Filing February 28th
IRS Electronic Filing March 31st

Note: If the due date/deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday, the filer will need to E-file on the next business day.

Still have questions?

Form 1099-B is used to report broker and barter exchange and transactions This may required to recognize gain from the receipt of the cash, stock(s), or other property that was exchanged for the corporation’s stock.

Form 1099-B will be received If you have sold a stock(s), bonds or other securities through a broker or had a barter exchange transaction and exchanged Property or services rather than paying cash you will likely receive a Form 1099-B.

In order to file a Form 1099-B the following is required: payers and recipients Name, Address, TINs, CUSIP Number, State Identification number, State tax withheld amount, Dates of acquired & sold or disposed, amounts of: proceeds, costs, accrued market discount, wash sale loss disallowed, federal income tax withheld, profit or loss realized in the year on closed contract, Unrealized profit or (loss) on open contracts, Aggregate profit or (loss) on contracts and Bartering

Yes, Tax2efile offers a bulk upload feature that allows the user to upload all of the borrowers to an excel sheet for a faster process.

Yes, Tax2efile offers printing and mailing service! Our dedicated team will print and mail out each form you filed.

Yes, Form 1099-B is applicable to cryptocurrency transactions. If you sold or exchanged cryptocurrencies during the tax year, you may receive a Form 1099-B from your broker. Ensure accurate reporting of crypto transactions to comply with IRS regulations.

If you engaged in broker or barter transactions but did not receive a Form 1099-B, you are still responsible for reporting these transactions. Contact your broker to obtain the necessary information for accurate tax filing.

Yes, foreign investments are reportable on Form 1099-B. Ensure you provide accurate information on the sale or exchange of foreign securities to comply with IRS regulations.

Using our fast electronic service, you can complete your filing within 5 minutes.

Tax2efile allows you to correct a mistake to the recipient’s information for TINs, Names & amounts.

To file Form 1099-B for a single return the filing fee is $3.25.

The IRS requires Form 1099-B to be submitted by February 28 through the mail and by March 31 if you file the form electronically however, recipients’ copy should be mailed by January 31.

Failure to file the 1099 form by the deadline may result in IRS penalties. The penalty can be from $60 per 1099 Form, the maximum penalty can be up to $630,500. If you submit Form more than 31 days to before August 1, the penalty increases to $120 per 1099 Form and maximum penalty up to $1,891,500. If you file after August 1, the penalty can be from $310 per 1099 Form and maximum penalty up to $3,783,000. Additionally, there are penalties for failure to furnish the payee statement.

Covered securities are subject to cost basis reporting by brokers, while non-covered securities are not. The type of securities may affect how gains and losses are reported on your tax return. Consult IRS guidelines or Tax2efile support for clarification.

Yes, transactions involving the sale or exchange of mutual funds are reportable on Form 1099-B. Provide accurate details, including purchase and sale information, for each mutual fund transaction.

If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

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