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Form 1099-PATR

What is Form 1099-PATR?

Form 1099-PATR is an important form that reports the cooperative and business income of taxpayers’ tax returns during a particular tax year. Taxpayers would receive Form 1099-PATR if, in the previous year were paid at least $10 in patronage dividends and other distributions by a cooperative as described in the Internal Revenue Code (IRS). The IRS requires that all income, deductible, penalties, or expenses are reported by businesses and individuals.

Distributions from cooperatives passed through to their patrons including any domestic production, activities, deduction, and certain pass-through credits. 1099-PATR forms must be mailed to recipients by February 15 and e-filed with the IRS by March 31 each year.

1099-PATR Form

1099-PATR Form