Form 1098-T

What is Form 1098-T?

Form 1098-T is used to report the expenses and tuition of students attending an educational institution. Filers are Eligible education institutions with students enrolled in courses or programs for one or more academic periods during the year.

Eligible educational institutions are colleges, universities, vocational schools, and other postsecondary educational institutions. More details mention in the section 481 of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Students can receive a Form 1098-T from any eligible educational institution where they are enrolled in courses or programs that award credits toward a degree, certification, or other recognized postsecondary educational credential.

Only qualified tuition and expenses can be reported on form 1098-T, they include:

  • Necessary for fees for attendance
  • Books
  • And other course material

Expenses from any hobbies, sports, courses not related to a degree program or improving related job skills is not including. Amounts paid for roam and board are also excluded.

1098-T Form

1098-T Form