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Form 1099 - DIV

What is Form 1099-DIV?

Form 1099-DIV, to report dividends and other distributions to taxpayers and the IRS. The taxpayer might receive a 1099-DIV tax form from their brokerage firm because they earned dividends on their investments, in this case, the taxpayer will File IRS Form 1099-DIV for the Tax year 2021. There are some exemptions too when you file Form 1099-R. If you do not receive the 1099-DIV form by mail on time and do not see it when you sign into your account, contact your investment brokerage.

Dividends and distributions are sent to investors that receive distributions of all types of investments in a calendar year. If the due date/deadline comes on a Saturday, Sunday, or a federal holiday, you will need to E-file on the next business day.

1099-DIV Form

1099-DIV Form

Now that you know about the 1099-DIV Form, you can work with a great tax advisor or preparer to get the most accurate tax reporting and get the most out of your return.